David Justin Urbas - Brief Portfolio

David Justin Urbas is a versatile genius. His talents are spread across different sectors. He is an entrepreneur, financial advisor, and business consultant and tax debate strategist. Being passionate about finance right from the beginning, he chose to specialize in this discipline at West Virginia University. After completing education, he ventured into tax consulting. Over the years, he has worked as a financial advisor and tax consultant to a number of business firms that have reaped ample benefits from Urbas’ powerful tax strategies. He has a rich client base which is ever-increasing. His clientele includes big corporations, individuals and trusts round the globe. With an extensive experience of 13 years, David Justin Urbas holds the key to unlock the door of success for a business.

As a successful businessman himself, Justin Urbas knows very well what it takes to turn a start-up into a large enterprise. Like many, he started off with limited capital. But, within a couple of years, he was able to transform his small business to big firm with his strong management skills and his rich specialization. He has a bevy of winning taxation techniques up his sleeve and offers smart property development tips. His high specialization in tax consulting, planning and mediation has helped him achieve expertise in multiple areas of business. At present, Urbas is the successful owner of 7 different businesses. This very well bears testimony to his versatility, multi-tasking quality and adept skills. His efficiency, expertise and experience can lead a business in the right path of success.

Dedication, sincerity and diligence – these three have served as the success factors for Justin Urbas. With broad experience and strong grasp of money-saving tax strategies, he possesses the magic wand which provides a business person the perfect tips and techniques, the ability and confidence to write his triumph tales.

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